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by Consuelo/Conti/Drosselklang - the damline of Anneli Wucherpfennings'
successful horse Audi Phoenix.
Born 2011, good medium size, presently approximately 16’1”, will grow more.
A lively horse with a good temperament, very quick reactions, good movement.
The type of horse to win lots of competitions up to 1.40m, beating all the others on time.
Presently under the saddle,competing in 90cm classes.
Currently standing in Midrand with Tracey, Tel +27 (0)83 291 1572
by Locarno CAPRIVI (Indoctro/Lord)/Grand Chasseur (Graf Grannus) /Graveur/Sovereignety xx/Masham xx
A mare of medium size, competing presently over 90cm.
Good temperament, good jump and quick reactions.
A horse to fall in love with.
Standing in Midrand with Tracey +27 (0)83 291 1572.
Get on and compete to win!
A very special horse for big classes.
By Locarno Challenger(linebreeding on Contender and Ramiro, damline Holstein 474a, one of the best in the world.  Challenger gives unlimited scope to his offspring.)
out of Espana by Wunderbar/Drosselklang/Eichbaum.

Entertainer is a very tall horse, over 17’, longlegged and very modern.
His jumping power is unlimited, with a lovely technique, excellent bascule, good front and good backleg.
Born 2011, presently under the saddle.
You can start working with him right away.
A competition horse with good temperament and attitude.
Has to go to a home which will utilize his potential.
Price upmarket.

A mare by Locarno Challenger (linebreeding on Contender and Ramiro, then Lord) out of Lulu by Rico (Voltaire, that is halfbrother to Kannan/Burggraf –sire of Rendiment)/Wunderbar/Loredo (AI Lord/Capitano)/Damask xx
5 generations of excellent jumping stallions.
A strong mare, born 2011, standing at approximately 1.60m, but has all the qualities to go big. Powerful jump, excellent movements, as much quality as you want.
Should go to an experienced rider.
Presently under the saddle.

born 2012, by Locarno Shogun.
She has all the qualities Shogun gives to his offsprings.  Lovely movements, a good temperament, a good jump and good type.
Out of Locarno Medaillon by Connoisseur (horse of Nicola Sime by Consuelo) out of Montezuma by Graveur/Montesano xx

A mare of 15’3”, will grow more, with a lot of presence.  A delight for every rider.
Presently put under the saddle.
Price: R50 000.00
born 2011, by Consuelo out of Locarno Riviera by Conti (COntender), Dolman by Doloriet, then the damline of Anneli Wucherpfennigs great horse Audi Phoenix.
Dam is halfsister and closely related to Locarno Royal Classic, a horse which does so well under Liam Stevens.

A hard and tough horse with a good and powerful jump.  Good technique, particularly behind.
Presently approcimately 16’1” will grow more.
Excellent movements, lively but with good temperament.
Under the saddle.
By Locarno Challenger (linebreeding on Contender/Ramiro) out of Lili Marlene by RICO (Voltaire, that is halfbrother to Kannan)/Drosselklang/Loredo AI (Lord) Damask xx

Born 2012.
A TALL and very beautiful horse with all the quality you want.
Presently approximately 16’3” should grow well over 17’.
Excellent jumping technique and ability, good movements, good temperament.
Should do extremely well in big classes.

We have only started working him recently and already he shows outstanding quality, he gets better every day.
by Locarno Challenger (linebred on Contender, out of the outstanding Holstein damline - 474a –eg Q Verdi) out of Montana by Acclaim (Accord/Zeuss)/Graveur.
Born November 2011, standing approximately 1.65m
A competition horse of the highest quality.  Unlimited scope, good canter, lovely attitude, clever in every situation, outstanding hindlegs.
Is currently under the saddle and standing at Johann Lotter in Sandton

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