International Bloodlines for Jumping and Dressage

News & Highlights 2018


by Locarno Challenger/Wunderbar/Drosselklang, owned and ridden by Ivan van de Sjiede.  A horse for the future, with unlimited scope, a trait which most of Challenger's offspring have.

Locarno horses had a good run the last few months.

Locarno NIKITA by Caprivi/Consuelo won a 5th place in the 1.30m Welcome Stakes ridden by Tracey Carney.

His fullbrother, Celebrety, had a good run in Cape Town ridden by Karien du Toit.

Locarno NANDI by Challenger/Graveur won a 9th place in the 1.35m Derby, amid 80 to 90 horses, ridden by Laurien Harding.

Locarno RAPIDE by Consuelo/Conti won 2 classes of 1.20m ridden by Invan van de SJiece

Locarno CAN DO IT (Shogun/Lindenberg) won 2 classes.

Locarno DI CAPRIO was the all-round winner of the FEI Championships 2017, ridden by Michelle Kuenzle.

News & Highlights 2016

DERBY 2016

Locarno horses did very well at the Derby and Post Derby Sandy Manasse with the following results:

3rd place in the 1.30M DERBY CLASSIC for beautiful LOCARNO SUPERSTAR. He is by Consuelo out of Solitaire by Drosselklang/MornAgainxx/Jerezxx. Bill Johnson has ridden Superstar for some time and now Sandy does so well with him.

Locarno Superstar - Derby 1.30M 2016

In the Post Derby 1.20M, Steve Atkinson was placed with a lovely round on Locarno Nigh Music (Locarno Challenger/Consuelo) and Ian Stevens also on Locarno Royal Classic (Challenger/Dolman by Dolorit).

Laurin Harding had a very good ride in the 1.35M Derby on little Nandi (Challenger/Graveur) and so did Tracey Carney on Locarno Nikita (Caprivi/Consuelo), Georgia Haywood now rides Habana with success in the 1.30M class (Caprivi/GRaveur). Michelle Knott and Chacoelo became Reserve Champion in the Young Horse Performance Class for Namibian Bred Horses.

Georgia Haywood in the 1.30M Derby with Locarno Habana.

Foals 2016

Locarno has a small crop of very valuable foals:

For the last 15 years Indoctro has been constantly under the 10 to 15 most successfull stallions in the world.
Again this year he had 5 offspring in the Olympics.
Conquorer's dam is “Shall we Dance” by Locarno Challenger (linebreeding on Contender and Ramiro) – Morn Again xx- Jerez xx

BY LORDANUS (AI. He is a stallion of international class, has won many competitions and produced worldclass horses. Sire of Lissabon) out of Locarno Amourette by Shogun/Diavolo/Dolorit)
A tall colt of great quality.

by Locarno Challenger (linebreeding of Contender/Ramiro. Challenger sires horses with enormous jumping power, see Nandi, Night Music and Royal Classic) out of “Love Affair” by CATOKI (a world class stallion)/Rico.

by Locarno Shogun out of Montana (the winning mare of Namibian licencing in her year of licencing) by Acclaim/Graveur.


by Chacco Blue (a stallion in the world's top 10) out of Locarno Boheme by Consuelo/Rabino (Ramiro)/Athletico (Alme) - age 4 years.

News & Highlights 2015


LOCARNO NANDI, a little mare of not even 16’, won the 1.30M Championship ridden by Laurin Harding, this in a tough competition against imported horses and horses from the SA studs whose breeding programmes go into the millions!!!


It was a very fast jump off, with Laurin riding like a devil, hard to believe her profession is as a pilot flying the big Airbus planes into Frankfurt!!!!

MAGIC MOMENT (SHOGUN/DROSSELKLANG) ridden by his professional rider Nicola Sime-Riley, had to get used to the inside arena, and landed a  3rd place in a 1.35m two-phase competition, with a superior round in the last event as well.

LOCARNO has WON the trophy for the BEST NAMIBIAN BRED HORSE for the 3rd time in 4 years at the Young Horse Performance Series!

Again it was CHACOELO (CHACCO BLUE/CONSUELO) ridden by his owner Michelle Wilson.
I had the privilege of handing over the trophy for the Best Namibian Bred Horse to them.

Second place also went to Locarno: ROYAL CLASSIC (Locarno Challenger/Dolman)

At the Derby Show, which included the YHPS series, there were 8 LOCARNO horses competing!!
The most horses from one stud out of all the other Namibian studs put together, and Locarno is not a big stud!!

I'm proud to say they all did well.

Nikita ridden by Tracey Carney and Nandi ridden by Laurin Harding were placed in every 1.20M class.
Superstar competed in the 1.30m and helped his rider in the most gracious way.
Magic Moment (Shogun/Drosselklang) competed for the first time in the big Derby Arena ridden by Nicola Sime in the 1.40m class.


LOCARNO NO LIMIT (Shogun/Rabino) became under his rider and  owner Barbara  Hasse the “Advanced Jumping Champion 2015” and the “Reserve  Equitation Champion 2015” at the December show Gymkhana club

Welldeserved titles for  very hard work of Barbara!

At the same show Martina Barthel,who traines all my young horses so well,won the competition over  2 rounds on Rocadero (Caprivi/Dolman)


LOCARNO NO LIMIT (Shogun/Rabino) ridden by his owner Barbara Hasse, won the “Advanced Jumping Champion 2015” and the “Reserve Equitation Champion 2015” at the December show at Gymkhana Club.
Both well deserved titles for Barbara's very hard work!

At the same show, Martina Barthel, who trains all my young horses so well, won the competition over 2 rounds on Rocadero (Caprivi/Dolman).

HABANA (Caprivi/Graveur) got 2nd place in the second leg of the Christmas series at Kyalami 2015 ridden by Georgia Hayward.


Locarno horses are doing extremely well in this prestigious event, in the light of heavy competition of horses from the million dollar studs and imported horses.
It goes over 4 legs and then the final, and is judged in 2 ways:
a. normal jumping competition
b. which horses do the judges see to have to best potential as future competition horses?
The standing after 4 legs, before the finals on 3rd October 2015:

LOCARNO CHACOELO (Chacco Blue x Nocture by Consuelo/Graveur) is in 2nd place as the best potential showjumper and 3rd in the normal jumping ranking (See photo below).

LOCARNO BEL AIR (By Locarno Shogun/Bossa Nova by Athletico) is in 7th place.

LOCARNO ROYAL CLASSIC (BY Locarno Challenger/Rhapsodie by Dolman) is in 3rd place as a potential showjumper.
The horses are judged by different judges at each leg.
The highly knowledgeable overseas judge put him in the first leg on first place!

LOCARNO BACCARA (Locarno Challenger x Bossa Nova by Athletico) is 3rd in the showjumping ranking.

LOCARNO NIKITA (Locarno Caprivi/Nocturne by Consuelo/Graveur) won several classes in the 1.30M ridden by Tracey Carney.
LOCARNO CHANGING WINDS (LocarnoCaprivi/Finesse by Lindenberg/Esplendor xx) came 2nd in the 1.20M Winter Classic Triple event in Shongweni ridden by Liezel Bedeggood.

One interesting little detail:
Two of these horses originate from the thoroughbred mare “Nigh Romance” and
two horses originate from the thoroughbred mare “Bold Flash”.
These 2 were the first mares I bought for my breeding and I bought them from Denton Sanders for R300 each.
Thank you Denton!!

Even in the dressage arena Locarno horses do well.

LOCARNO ANTOINETTE (Pepino x Amazone by Anschluss), owner Dr Barbara Zeisler got the certificate
“Natalie Hogg and Locarno Antoinette are the third highest ranked in Gauteng Adult Novice Combination.”
This again in a very big field of imported and highly expensive horses. She is now starting E dressage and came 5th in the Gauteng Championships.

Age:4 months old, by Locarno Caprivi (Indoctro – Lord) out of ”Elegant Touch” by Challenger (Contender line/Rabino)/Wunderbar.


Locarno Challenger out of Rhapsodie by Dolman, came second in the Young Horse Performance Series for7 year olds - second leg.  He is still in the lead in the series in a tie, ridden by Simon Henley (owner:Marcus Gooderman)

Nicola Wessels travelled all the way from Welkom to this event and was highly rewarded.
LOCARNO BEL AIR (Locarno Shogun/Bossa Nova by Athletico) won a 1.00m class in a very competetive field and is now in 6th place in the YHPS series for 6 year olds.
The halfsister to BEL AIR, Locarno BACCARA (owner Steve Atkinson) came 4th in the YHPS series for 5 year olds.

At the second leg of the Young Horse Performance Series at Dunblane, Locarno horses did extremely well.
No less then nine horses from Locarno Stud competed at this show (one from Seeis and one from Voigtskirch, as far as Namibia is concerned.)
LOCARNO NANDI, a small mare by Locarno Challenger out of Nandine by Graveur, won a 1.30M class, after having such a competition already in February at a different venue and being placed in the Nissan Easter Festival and at Burlington in the 1.30M class under her rider Laurin Harding.

In a good round, LOCARNO CHACOELO (Chacco Blue/Consuelo) defended his second place in the YHPS series for 6 year olds.

Other Locarno horses, which did extremely well:

CAN DO IT BY Shogun out of Finesse by Lindenberg ridden by Christi-Lin Davis.
LOCARNO NIGHT MUSIC ridden by Steve Atkinson (Challenger/Consuelo, half-sister to Chacoelo).
LOCARNO LET IT BE  (Owner Nora JaneFreeman) by Shogun/Rico, was placed at her first appearance at YHPS
Magic Jump ridden by Jenni Ford (Caprivi/Acclaim)

One should not forget: Locarno is one the youngest studs in Namibia sending horses to competitions to SA.
Most horses are sold to amateurs and they do so well with these horses.
They hold their place between horses bred with multi-million dollar imported stallions, mares and imported horses.
The reason is that we always breed with horses of the best possible bloodlines, horses which want to perform.
Also we are very fortunate so far that all our horses have found  good homes and are well cared for.


This series is carried out over 4 legs and is for horses between 4 and 7 years.
It is judged in 2 ways:
First the showjumping, with faults and time; then2 judges determine which of the horses is the horses with the best potential as a future showjumper.
This prestigious event was judged by Mr Riek van Miert, the Vice Chairman of the World Breeding Society, a probably the most competent judge you can get.
Imported horses and horses from the Million Dollar studs like Callaho competed.
Nine Namibian horses competed, SEVEN of them from Locarno.
(Locarno has won the trophy for the best Namibian bred horse in the series over the last 3 years)


LOCARNO CHACOELO under Nicola Sime

(Chacco Blue x Nocturne by Consuelo/Graveur/best SA thoroughbred (Moorland 2, Noble Chieftain, Signification) came second in the series for the most promising potential as a showjumper.
(He was 3rd in the overall event for the last 5 years)

LOCARNO BEL AIR under Nicola Wessels was 7th.
(Locarno Shogun x Bossa Nova by Athletico/Bold Speed/Adamast/Propriation)

In the event Chacoelo was 6th and Bel Air 7th, beaten on time.


LOCARNO ROYAL CLASSIC under Simon Henley WON this class and was declared the most promising potential showjumper for 7 year old horses.
(Locarno Challenger x Rhapsodie by Dolman (Doloriet) x Damask xx –son of Joy 2.

Locarno Nigh Music (Caprivi x Nocture, halfsister to Chacoelo) came 7th. In the event Royal Classic came 4th, beaten on time, Night Music 9th, with one pole down.

ridden by Simon Hendry, had her first show as a 4 year old and showed a beautiful jump
(Locarno Challenger/Bossa Nova by Athletico)

ridden by rider and owner, Christi-Lyn Davis, had the second show in his life and showed a lovely jump and came 9th in the Potential 5 year old series
(Locarno Shogun/Finesse by Lindenber/Esplendor xx/Gambut xx

FOALS 2014-2015
I have a very good crop of foals this year.

by Caprivi out of Elegant Touch by Challenger/Wunderbar, a tall foal, shows a dramatic jump, promises to be a highclass jumper.


by Locarno Shogun out of Antigone by Consuelo/Diavolo/Dolorit
a very tall colt with strong movements, promises to be excellent in dressage and jumping.


by Locarno Challenger out of Lili Marlene by Rico (Voltaire/Burggraaf) Drosselklang/Loredo (AI Lord)
promises to be a very good allrounder, strong movements, good jump.


an outstanding colt by Locarno Quickstep (Quintender/Rabino/best SA thoroughbred).
Very strong movements, excellent jump, strong personality and presence.
Here is the blood of Quidam de Revel combined with Ramiro, Contender, Lord and best SA thoroughbred (Noble Chieftain, Moorland 2, Signification)
One comment on Quidam de Revel : I was told in Holstein: "We want the blood of Quidam in our jumping breeding, it's essential, but it must be further back, an indirect line often gives too many problems in type and temperament."
Quintender is therefor an optimal choice.


by Consuelo out of Nicole by Rabino /best SA thoroughbred (Moorland 2, Noble Chieftain, Signification)
halfbrother to Quickstep.
Surely one of the best Consuelo offsprings I have bred so far, tall, lovely canter, very promising.


by Locarno Quickstep out of “Shall we Dance” by Challenger/Drosselklang/Morn Again xx/JEREZ (possibly the best thoroughbred stallion SA ever had for jumping)
A very beautiful filly with all the qualities you want.

News & Highlights 2014

FOALS 2014
I have a very promising crop of foals this year.  Using my stallions on mares of other stallions of mine, works out very well, as I by now know exactly how to match them.

Quo Vardis

QUO VARDIS by Locarno Quickstep out of Amourette by Locarno Shogun/Diavolo/Doloriet.  A Colt of striking presence.


CRUISADOR BY SHOGUN, OUT of the imported mare Cabanna by Contact van de Helle /Nimmerdoor.
This little boy disappeared after birth, went on a few kilometer tour on Locarno, was chased by a jackal and wrecked our nerves.
We followed his footprints, suddenly he came out of the bush and followed our groom willingly back to his mum.

Farah Diba

FARAH DIBA BY SHOGUN out of Flash Dancer by Drosselklang and the damline of the A grade High Expectations


ELVIS BY Caprivi out of Elegant Touch, by Challenger/Wunderbar/Drosselklang.  Dam has unlimited scope, sire has worldclass breeding (Indoctro/Lord,damline 474a, which produced 2 horses of the Netherlands gold winning team at the olympics, Q Verdi and Bulabu) a very promising little guy.

No name yet.  Quickstep/Rico/Wunderbar

Lets Win


El Condor

EL CONDOR BY CHALLENGER (linebred to Ramiro and Contender) out of Espana out of Wunderbar/Drosselklang.  A line with high jumping potential.


ALCAZAR, a very tall and elegant colt by Shogun out of the mare which won the licencing in her year, Antigone by Consuelo/Diavolo, already now a striking appearance with lovely movements.


Locarno Nirvana, by Shogun out of Nicolette by Caprivi/Rabino.  Dam is fullsister to Cosmopolitan who jumped in the 1.30m class with great success in SA.

Locarno Horses have again been very successful at the YHPS 2014.  In the 5 year old series, LOCARNO CHACOELO (Chacco Blue/Nocture by Consuelo) came 3rd ridden by Michelle Wilson.
In the 7 year old series LOCARNO CRUISE CONTROL (Locarno Caprivi/Consuelo) came second ridden by Nicola Sime.
Winners in both classes were imported horses, as were many of the competing horses.
So Cruise Control was consistent over 3 years, winning the 5 year old series two years ago.
Chacoelo won the trophy as the most successful Namibian bred horse.
This trophy has now been won for 3 years in succession by Locarno horses!!

Locarno Kir Royal (Locarno Shogun/Michelle by Drosselklang) had some very good placings in the 1.30m class ridden by Nicola Sime.

LOCARNO MAGIC MOMENT (Locarno Shogun/Michelle by Drosselklang) had a second and a 3rd place in his second 1.40m class ridden by Nicola Sime.
Naturally I am very glad, that this talented horse is in such good hands!


A major event like the World Equestrian Games always shows which horses are the top bloodlines in the world.
As breeder, I naturally look at these results from the point of view of which of these lines are present at Locarno.

Foremost: the same as at the Olympics in London in 2012, in the team which won the Team event for the Netherlands, are again the same 2 horses out of the direct dam line of my stallions Locarno Caprivi, Shogun and Challenger:

Bulabu and Q Verdi.
Bulabu is bred out of a half-sister to the dam of Livree (dam of Caprivi, Grand-dam of the other 2 stallions) and Q Verdi out of a direct half-sister to Livree.

It is the Holstein dam line 474a. It is this dam line, which gives such a strong background to my stallions, after all, it’s the dam line that counts much much more than the stallion’s!!

If we look at the stallions of participating horses, INDOCTRO (Capitol/Caletto 2), the sire of Locarno Caprivi (and no. 13 in the world sire ranking) had 4 offspring competing!

So Caprivi is by a stallion, which is No. 13 in the world sire ranking and had 4 offspring at the games, out of the dam line, which produced 2 horses for the winning Dutch team!!!!!

Can one say, this a world class pedigree? ... to read more click here

Burgh Show - August 2014

NANDI BY Locarno Challenger out of Nadine by Graveur won under Laurin Harding two classes 1.25M at the Burgh show in August 2014

LOCARNO MONTE CARLO by Locarno Shogun out of Michelle came 2nd in the 1.20M FEI Challenge in August 2014 under Caroline Coulson, his first start in this height.  He is fullbrother to Magic Moment and Kir Royal, both under Nicola Sime-Riley

Diamond Show Kimberley
Bel Air under Nicola Wessels on the way to her 2nd place in the 90cm Championship at the Diamond Show Kimberly, just missing the diamond.

Gymkhana Club - Windhoek
Caroline Coulson won with Locarno Monte Carlo (Shogun/Drosselklang) on the 27th of July at the Gymkhana Club in Windhoek the title of “Open Intermediare Reserve Championship” by winning the 1.10m competition.

Burlington 2014
Locarno Changing Winds on the way to 2nd place in a speedclass 1.20m at Burlington under his rider Liezel Bedggood.

Locarno Habana won 2nd place at Polokwane in the 1.20m championship under his rider Georgia Hayward.

YOUNG HORSE PERFORMANCE SERIES 2014.f the 7 year old horses under his rider Louise Kroon.

BEL AIR by Locarno Shogun out of Bossa Nova by Athletico, won - after being just 8 month with her owner/rider Nicola Wessels - at a show on 15th February both prelim dressages (68% and 69%) and the 90cm championship after a quick jump-off!

LOCARNO BON JOUR (Locarno Caprivi/Bossa Nova by Athletico) under his rider Glen Colby, after his successes in Shongweni and Derby, again he won a 1.35m competition against the best horses in his class in SA!  He is simply a very fast and courageous horse!

HIS HALFBROTHER BON SOIR (Consuelo out of Bossa Nova by Athletico) gave spectacular rounds in the 1.20m class under his rider Jenny Ford!

(Locarno Shogun out of Michelle by Drosselklang/Montesano xx) for the first time into the 1.30m class.  They coped very well and Magic Moment (only 18 months with Nicola, 2 years under the saddle!) had a clear in the championship.
Kir Royal                                          Magic Moment


STEVE ATKINSON had five clear rounds in the 1.10m class on "NINA' OR "NIGH MUSIC" by Locarno Challenger (Conti by Contender/Rabino by Ramiro) out of Nocture by Consuelo. 


Also "Habana" (Caprivi/Graveur) under Georgia Hayward shows more and more his quality.

Locarno Horses were well presented at the President's Cup Maple Ridge 2014 and did really very well!!


He was shown by his owner Karien du Toit.
The comments of the German judge, Jan Cromme-Sperling were, "a horse with great cadence, beautiful and elastic,....wont be easily beaten."
He is by Locarno Caprivi (Indoctro/Lord) out of Nocturne by Consuelo.

Foals 2013/2014

Little quantity, but good quality.  I am very glad that I got a filly by one of the worlds best stallions, Indoctro, also sire of Locarno Caprivi.  Ecstasy, out of Elegant Tough, a mare with unlimited scope by Locarno Challenger / Wunderbar / Drosselklang.

A filly of great quality by my young stallion Chacoelo (Chacco Blue/Consuelo/Graveur), out of Locarno Nicole (Rabino) the dam of my young stallion Quickstep, as well as Cosmopolitan who does so well in S.A.

A colt with great personality, photo was taken when he was 10 days old, by Locarno Challenger out of Bella Donna by Locarno Shogun/Athletico.


Locarno horses did extremely well at this show in December.  Caroline Coulson put Locarno Monte Carlo (Shogun/Drosselklang) into the 1.15 m, where he did very well and started to show his class.
In the junior class Maxime Mathias did well with Di Caprio.
In the 95cm class Barbara Froehlich won 2 events on Locarno No Limit (Shogun/Drosselklang) and was Victor Ludorum of that class.  Second was Anja Becker on Locarno Mon Cherie (Caprivi/Doloriet).
In one event the first 4 places were taken by Locarno horses:
1.  No Limit
2.  Mon Cherie
3.  Anatevka (Locarno Donatello/Anschluss)
4.  Millenium (Nevada by Rabino/Graveur)

2013 SA Riders Championship 1.30M at Burlington

After his success at the Derby Show, Cosmopolitan (Caprivi/Rabino)came 2nd in the 1.30m speed class and 5th in the Championship with 2 clear rounds in a field of 89 horses, all under his rider Bronwyn Watson.

Locarno Cosmopolitan  Locarno Cosmopolitan

DERBY 2013

LOCARNO BON JOUR BY Caprivi (Indoctro/Lord) out of Bossa Nova by Athletico, continued his success story after the Shongweni show, by coming second in the 1.35m Speed Derby and in another 1.35m, competition against fierce competition.

Locarno Bon Jour  Locarno Bon Jour

Locarno Bon Jour

After having won both classes at Penbritt in August, Cosmopolitan showed his class by coming 2nd in the 1.30M speed class against stiff competition under his rider Bronwyn Watson.
So 2 offspring of Caprivi, Bon Jour and Cosmopolitan, were second winners in their classes 1.30m and 1.35M respectively.


In the final leg of the young performance horse series for 6 year old horses, Locarno Cruise Control (Caprivi/Consuelo), who was the winner of the Young Performance Series for 5 year olds last year, came second ridden by Louise Kroon.  A new face on the scene – Locarno Habana (Caprivi/Graveur) came 4th ridden by Georgia Haywood.  Locarno Habana continued his success series by winning his class at the Burlington Cup Amateur Series.

Locarno Habana

Habana, ridden by Georgia Hayward, won his first 1.10M show.


NANDI (Challenger/Graveur) a small mare with a very big jump and after only 18 months with her rider, Laurin Harding, got a clear round in her first 1.20M class and a 2nd place in her second class!

Locarno Nandi


Won his first 1.20M class at Sunlands Show, after being with Nicola Sime for just over a year, starting to show his unlimited scope.

Locarno Magic Moment


The editor of St.Georg, the leading German horse magazine, was amazed to find a Chacco Blue foal in the Namibian bush and placed a photo of him in the magazine. Click here to see photo.
Chacco Blue was one of the leading German stallions, but unfortunately he died.
Chacco Top is very special horse, by Chacco Blue out of Locarno Boheme by Consuelo/Rabino (Ramiro)/Athletico (Alme line)


At the prestigious Shongweni Show in Natal, one of the biggest of the year, LOCARNO BON JOUR won two classes under Glen Colby, one of 1.30M and one of 1.35M!! This is, of course, was a big day for Locarno.

Locarno Bon Jour is by Locarno Caprivi out of Locarno Bossa Nova (AI, Athletico), not a tall horse, but a horse with all the determination, quick reactions, attitude and jumping power you need!  There are not really many offspring of Caprivi in the sport in SA and of these Cruise Control won the Performance Series for 5 year olds last year, Cosmopolitan, after being 2 years under the saddle, won the Post Derby 1.20M and the GHS Championship in December last year.  Now Bon Jour!
Where does it come from? Caprivi is by Indoctro, a son of the great Capitol, out of a mare by Caletto 2, one of the best stallions Holstein ever had (sire of Casall).  His dam Uniform/Livree comes out of the Holstein lineage 474a, out of this direct line there were 2 horses in the silver medal winning team of the Netherlands - Q Verdi and Bulabu.


At the annunal licencing of the Namibian Warmblood Horse Society LOCARNO QUICKSTEP was licenced and was the winning stallion of the licencing.

He got very high marks for his canter, jump and topline, good marks all over.

Locarno Quickstep   Locarno Quickstep

Click here to see a video of Quickstep

He is a very beautiful stallion and I want to use him on mares which need some refinement.

Locarno Quickstep

I decided 5 years ago, that I had to bring in the blood of Quidam de Revel into my breeding program.  This is breeding wise, but not very easy, as he often gives quite a difficult temperament and he is difficult to match.  I decided on Quintender, because he is known to give a good temperament, he is a beautiful stallion out of a Contender dam and he also jumped internationally.  His granddam is a thoroughbred mare with all the good blood we want, Noble Chieftain, Signification, Rock Council and Moorland 2. Amazing bloodlines which are rare to find in today's world.  Quickstep's halfbrother Cosmopolitan has won some 1.20M classes in SA already.

Locarno Quickstep


Three of my stud's mares were at the licencing, plus the two imported ones I got from Stephan Pelser;
Barlinka, a very tall mare by Shogun out of Ballerina by Rabino/Bossa Nova by Athletico (family of Bon Jour, who just did so well)...

and Juanita by Consuelo/Acclaim/Loredo, a real Holstein lady with beautiful movements and a very good jump...

Locarno Juanita

and Lets Go by Locarno Challenger out of a mare by Rico/Wunderbar/Loredo, with unlimited scope, for which she got a 9.0

Locarno Lets Go


My pride! Chacco Top by Chacco Blue/Consuelo/Rabino/Athletico. Four generations of the best Holstein blood!

As Chacco Blue died this year, I am naturally very glad, to have 2 very good offspring of his, Chacoelo - now turning 4 and new arrival Chacco Top!!!!

I'm expecting some interesting foals out of some of my best mares.


You may ask,what have the olympics 2012 to do with Locarno stud?
Two of the horses of the team of the Netherlands,which won the silvermedal in the teamjumping, TWO are from the direct damline, Holstein 474A, of My Lord mare Livree, dam of Caprivi and greatdam to Shogun and Challenger!
A success for a damline, which has no parallel! This makes the damline 474A one of the very best in the world!
Verdi by Quidam de Revel is out of Clarissa, who is out of Renaissance, a halfsister to Livree.
Bubalu VDL is out of Zancara, who is out of Shoraya, a halfsister to Etoile, the granddam to Livree.
Add to this that Shoraya is by Ladykiller xx, Clarissa is by Landgraf (by Ladykiller xx) and Livree is by Lord (by Ladykiller xx) !
In a good stallion the damline is more important than the sire!
I am indeed very fortunate, that my 3 stallions - Caprivi, Shogun and Challenger, are direct offsprings of this damline!


CRUISE MISSILE (CAPRIVI/CONSUELO) won the series for "The most promising 5 year old Performance Horse of South Africa for 2012", which went over 4 shows from July to September and was judged by Barry Taylor and Johan Lotter.  He was ridden by his owner Louise Kruger.

He also won the trophy for the most successful Namibian bred horse of the year.

COSMOPOLITAN (CAPRIVI/RABINO) was taken by his owner, Bronwyn Watson, after only 2 years of training, into the Post Derby 1.20 class, in which many of the Derby jumps had to be cleared. He was one of the 3 clears out of 80 horses and declared joint winners.

He continued his success at the GHS Championship show, where he had placings and won one class, which made him the the winner of the 1.20M Championship!


(Please click on the photos for enlargements)
I had 4 mares at the 2012 licencing which I will be using for breeding:

FASHION GIRL by Locarno Challenger out of "Flash Dancer" by Drosselklang/
The Eliminator xx (Drum Beat on dam side!) - Noble Chieftain xx damline. A beautiful mare, a bit sensitive, lots of scope and technique.

Then there is SHOWSTAR by Consuelo out of Solitaire by Drosselklang/Morn Again xx/Jerezxx/Giafar xx
Fullsister to "Superstar" jumping in SA 1.20m and 1.30m classes.
Not the tallest mare, but full of scope and technique, to me she at least equals her brother.

AMOURETTE by Locarno Shogun out of Arkona by Diavolo/Doloriet, a tall, beautiful mare, with good movements, good jump and type.

Finally ELEGANT TOUCH by Locarno Challenger out of Espana by Wunderbar/Drosselklang/Eichbaum.
A tall mare, 1.70m, with good temperament and unlimited scope, good technique and good movements!

I had to put 2 photos of her in, because her jumping is so spectacular. (By the way, she is very similar to her sire Challenger!)

I look forward to their first foals! I will have some of them covered by Consuelo or my young stallion Chacoelo (Chacco Blue/Consuelo) and Showstar will go to Shogun.

Locarno is a very young stud and my horses have only been competing for a few years.  Here are some highlights:

BON JOUR by Locarno Caprivi out of Bossa Nova (Athletico AI) is competing in the 1.20m class successfully with rider Sandra Colby - 2nd place Pennys Place in a 1.20m class, ready to go 1.30m.


His halfbrother BON SOIR (Consuelo x Bossa Nova by Athletico AI) is also in the 1.20m class and is creating a lot of excitement. When he participated at a clinic with an overseas trainer, together with quite a number of imported horses, the trainer felt that he was the best horse.

SUPERSTAR BY Consuelo out of Solitaire by Drosselklang competes successfully in 1.20m and 1.30m classes. He has now been bought by Bill Johnson!


Another horse competing successfully at the 1.30m level is LOCARNO NAUTILUS, by Consuelo out of Night Romance xx.  He is only 15'1" and belongs to the family Gertenbach.

MY FOALS 2011/2012

Again I have some very exciting foals in this season by my stallions, Consuelo and Ai

MORE MAGIC AT AGE OF 2 WEEKS, BY  Locarno Shogun out of Michelle by Drosselklang,

Montesano xx.  This is the 5th foal of this breeding: one died of AHS, one (Kir Royal) is with Nicola Sime, ”Monte Carlo” does well in Namibia, ”Magic Moment” is a horse if the highest quality for whom I hope to get the right rider.


AVATAR  by Locarno Shogun out of Antigone by Consuelo/Diavolo, at the age of 2 weeks.




JOLLY JUMPER by Locarno Caprivi out of Jessica by Consuelo/Loredo, at age of 2 months.  His full brother Cruise Controll is presently doing very well in SA.


SO NICE” BY Consuelo out of “Shall we dance” by Challenger/

Drosselklang best thoroughbred, incl. Jerez, at age of 3 months


Sandro Song by Sandro/Gepard, the grandsire to Locarno Shogun died at the age of 29. Here is a comment about him by the German horse magazine ”Zuechter forum”:
“With his unequalled presence, spectacular movements and exceptional jumping he was the champion and winner of the Oldenburg licencing 1990.
He is a stallion with equal talent in jumping and dressage, and the sire of over 12 stallions. His son “Sandro Hit” established a completely new dynasty of dressage horses. He also produced top international horses in jumping, like Sundance/Franke Sloothaak and Herr Schroeder/Markus Beerbaum.


"About the horses I saw, I have mixed feelings..................

I was a little surprised to see sometimes the old fashioned type of horses.

The young generation of imported horses is of much better quality compared to the older ones...........................

When the SA breeders asked me how to organize horse breeding in SA,  I have a personal view:

I should select a limited number of thoroughbred mares.  Out of these mares I should breed foals, combined with top European stallions."

This is exactly the recipe I followed in my breeding, thank you to Mr. van Miert, that he endorsed this.

We need the thoroughbred in our warmblood breeding. I was fortunate enough, to be able to secure the best possible bloodlines for my breeding: Noble Chieftain, Signification, Jerez, etc.

I don't know, whether that would still be possible today.

And: not every imported horse is a good horse.  Europe is full of second class and third class horses and for the first class ones you really pay....in Euro!


The selection of the German team again shows how spot on my stallions are.

Jumping: Shutterfly, the Number1, is by Silvio (Sandro) / Gepard, same as Sandro Song, the grandsire of “Locarno Shogun”

‘Coester” is by Calato, who is bred out of a half-sister to Uniform/Livree, the dam of “Locarno Caprivi”. ”Calato” is by “Capitol”, Caprivi is by “Indoctro”, a son of “Capitol”

‘Montender” and ‘Checkmate”  are both by “Contender”, the grandsire of “Locarno Challenger”. Grandsire of “Challenger” is Rabino by Ramiro/Calypso 2/Ladykiller, whilst “Contender” is by “Calypso 2/Ramiro/ Ladykiller” You see the close line breeding of  “Challenger” to Contender/Ramiro!

Dressage: Satchmo is by Sao Paulo,who is by Sandro/Gepard again!!


Locarno Stud could repeat its successes of the past years during the Namibian Licensing 2008.

“Locarno Antigone” by Consuelo/Diavolo won the licensing for mares (beating over 80 mares” with an 8.0 for jumping, good marks for walk and canter, and a 9.0 for the most exciting trot!

‘Locarno Challenger” won the licensing of the stallions with a 9.0 for jumping ability, given for a most  powerful jump.

With that we would repeat the successes of the past years:

2004 “Locarno Musica” by “Consuelo” out of “Montezuma” by Graveur /Montesanoxx won the licensing for mares with a 9.0 for jumping ability.

2005 “Locarno Shogun” won the licensing for stallions.

2006 we did not participate.

2007 “Locarno Montana” by “Acclaim” out of “MOntezuma” by Graveur/Montesano” won the licensing of the mares with a 9.0 for her jumping of international class. She is now  in foal to “Locarno Caprivi”.

“Locarno Montezuma” has therefore already produced the winning mare for our licensing twice. (And there are 2 lovely fillies to come: “Locarno Medaillon” by “Seeis Connoisseur” and “Locarno Menuett” by “Locarno Challenger (she survived an attack by a cheetah!!)

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